Ready, Get Set, Write!

The first day of the Frenzy! I am a bit worried when I realized that other people actually made the mock up trailers, some already know for sure how their characters looked like and all that. Me? I feel utterly underachieved. For a second. When I woke up this morning.

It took me a while to get started, getting the motivation going, characters brimming lively in my head. It was not until Roger Federer won the 3rd round of the French Open I managed to pull myself together to get my script writing bible, and my laptop ready for writing.

I had a story in mind already and some not-so-pictured-perfectly characters in my mind. Even the real simple preparations I had were very helpful. Next time I would definitely make the trailer! (Or in a short while when I procrastinate more :P)

But I have to say, the first day is super fun! I managed to finish within the daily deadline (670 words), which for me is already quite something since my previous NaNoWriMo start was not even close to that.

On the big note today, Celtx saved my day. My Vaio screwed up a bit when I asked it to standbyโ€ฆ and it decides to shut down instead. So lucky that I remember to save before (or Celtx saves the file automatically). I know I should always save and backup my work regularly. It’s just when I did, nothing bad really happens :P. Well no, seriously people, remember to SAVE and BACKUP your work regularly. It’s not funny when you suddenly lost your 19976 words script due to some hard drive problem! Do it! NOW!

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