My Two Cents on Avatar

Avatar is… boring after the 3D honeymoon phase (and that happened quite fast for me). I kinda wished I could just fall asleep but just couldn’t after remembering the Euros I spend for the ticket :P.

I wished they make more effort with the story… but wait… Avatar is being nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama for Golden Globe. Seriously? Drama?

Is there something wrong with me?

I thought it’s a good… okay, great technical-artistic movie. But I was too distracted with the predictable story. I like to guess what happen with the characters since the beginning of the movie, and I love it when the movie surprised me with twists. This one surprised me from all my guess was right (and that actually kinda not cool).

But yeah, they got a 8.7 score on IMDB, and 2nd worldwide highest-grossing movie (James Cameron, you do have a awesome feel for making such movie). So perhaps I was just a tiny dot in the population who somewhat regrets going to see it…

Just one last word of note, if you watch it, go in 3D. That’s the only way to see this movie ;).

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