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Inspired by this post by Iain Broome. When you’re stuck, do something else:

And if someone questions your commitment because you chose to watch X Factor or American Idol rather than attempt to beat your writer’s block with an hour and a half’s worth of horrible, depressing, turgid, ultimately unusable writing, please tell them to shove their judgemental claptrap right up their bum.

Today I’m sharing some fun procrastinating link. It still is quite useful for writing, not directly, but it’s fun to play around!


Wordle creates a visual outline of your text. You could put the whole novel or just a chapter in there, and it will create the word bubbles for you. You can see who’s the real main character in the novel, which other characters are important, and perhaps some (or in my case, lots) of overused word :P.

The layout is customizable but even the default one is already pretty. It works best with English words.


I’m quite a visual person and likes to dress up the characters in my novel. I would also love to see how the combination of clothes I imagine look like in real life. This would be the toy to play with. There are plenty of outfits to choose from. One flaw: can’t play dress up for males.

Have fun!

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