Sunday Writing Links

Being a writer, sometimes you go procrastinating over the internet, looking up more resources for your novel, or reading some interesting articles about writing/editing/publishing.

Starting now, every Sunday I will post what I found on the previous week. I hope it’ll be usefull to you too!

This week links:

Lulu Titlescorer

It’s kind of a fun test, where you can put in your book title and the system would analyze the possibility of your book has a best selling title. I won’t say you should trust it 100%, but it’s good for some ideas of what kind of title usually work in the market.

Mary-Sue Litmus Test

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even know what Mary-Sue Litmus is until a couple of months ago. If you need more reference, here’s a wikipedia article about Mary Sue. I found this test to be quite interesting, perhaps you’ll better learn what Mary Sue is from this test ;). Also, it could help you see how much possible clichés in the characters you’re making.

Have fun trying, and don’t let it distract too much from the writing ;).

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