1. Hi Astrid –

    I’m Judd Corizan from the blog Sunday Stealing. Every week we rip a meme off someone’s blog. Today we chose yours from yesterday. We give you full credit and link back to your blog. The great thing is that a lot of previous “victims” such as yourself have become regular players! We usually publish the blog between 3 and 6 PM EST Saturday. We usually get between 50 to 80 people who play and comment on each other’s responses. And a lot of our players are previous victims of our theft like you! We hope you play along in the weeks to come! Thank you and have a great day…

    • Hi Judd,
      I’m actually honored to be stolen :). I’ve seen your Sunday Stealing blog and yes, I think I’d be joining too in the next weeks. Thank you and you have a great week too!

  2. @Wulfette: I’ll take you there if you come by to Berlin again ;). They made their own noodle, and it’s really the yummiest. Definitely curbs my craving for mie baso :D.


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