Queuing For Berlinale

I went to Potsdamer Arkaden this morning, getting tickets for Berlinale. I arrived there a bit less than 10am (when the ticket booth opened) and the queue already looked like this:

Not that long, I know, but there were 4 lines of this length :o. Although, to be honest, I was still quite sure about getting the tickets based on my experience last year. Unless the movie and the time slot picked was extremely popular. By extremely popular I mean every single person in front of me would want to see it.

Two hours later, I got the tickets I want for the day πŸ™‚ Just two movies for now because we could only get tickets 3 days in advance. I also managed to stick to my list and not be tempted with movies with almost sold out tickets. Go me!

I also managed to create a list of movies I’m interested in. You can find it here.

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