World Cup 2010 – Falling In Love With Deutschland

I love the Football World Cup. No secrets. If you happen to follow me in twitter/plurk/facebook or know me in person, you might already know that I went crazy these past weeks.

Why do I love football? First, it’s hard to miss the world cup if you lived in Indonesia. I think people there are crazier about football then here in Germany. Probably England could top that. Probably.

Second, it started for me as a bonding time with my dad. Therefore my favorite team is dad’s favorite team, England. In fact, it had grown to be my football home. Mark my words: England will win the world cup in my lifetime! (note: I wasn’t born yet in 1966)

Third, I’ve been watching every game since 1994 when I was still 15. I start to love it, enjoy the match, the passion, and the craziness. It had become ingrained in me. Even this year, when I didn’t have much time to watch the leagues or paying attention to the qualifications, I still got bitten by the fever.

Fourth, the icing on the cake, I just can’t resist watching 22 fit guys on the field. I know, this is the cheesiest excuse for a girl, but to my defense, I was a teenager when it started. Imagine David Beckham when he was just starting out in Manchester United as a 19 year old. Way better looking than Robert Pattinson IMO. Drools.

One world cup I hold to my heart the most was the one in 2006, Germany. Admittedly, that was one of the reasons I went to study in German. We got tickets to watch one of the matches in the stadium, and it was friggin’ awesome!! The atmosphere of the whole month here was also incredible: the fan mile, the people, everything was awesome including the weather.

But that wasn’t the year I fell in love with the German team. It took a while, actually. They are a great team, no doubt about it. It’s not easy to love them because they came across as very focused and cold, not to mention the rivalry with England.

So it took me two world cups and a European cup. This is the year they finally stole my heart. Their fans tipped me to it. It was a nice surprise to see how people here could get so passionate in cheering for their team.

This Saturday I’ll be rooting for Germany to win against Argentina! We will watch the game in the fan festival Berlin, along with tens of thousands German fans. Fingers crossed the weather will be a WIN.

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  1. Starri Knytes June 30, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    lol From one fan of fit guys to another, “GO Germany!!”. Since our guys are out I’ll cheer for yours. Love the post.

    1. astrid July 3, 2010 at 6:28 am

      Yaaay!!! I’m so excited for the match XD.

  2. Wulfette June 30, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    I do agree with the whole 22 fit guys running around 😛

    1. astrid July 3, 2010 at 6:28 am

      I know, right? *smirks*

  3. Alison Stevens July 2, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Tomorrow should be a lot of fun. Good weather (no rain, anyway), but I don’t envy you with the hordes of people in this heat. You’re a stronger woman than I. 🙂

    Love the look of your blog!

    1. astrid July 3, 2010 at 6:30 am

      Hehe I say enjoy it while it lasts ;). I’ll probably be the one standing in the shades though :p.

      Thank you!! I’ll see if I could update with some pictures later on :).


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