A Trip in a Thirties Bus

Ever wondered how people in the 1930s going around town? This was one of the buses in Berlin during the 1930s-1950s. It’s a double decker for around 50 passengers. Absolutely diggin’ the vintage design look here.

There was an automobile exhibition in Ku-Damm last weekend, featuring vehicles from early 1900s until now, which was why the bus was on display. We had a chance to go on a 10 minutes ride around the area. It was very nice. Most of the people were the cheeky 60s, which made it felt more authentic and fun.

I love how the driver didn’t hesitate for a second when I asked him for a picture. I could feel his passion on the job. He told us he wore a completely authentic uniform too. How cool is that?

The benches on the top part of the bus were made from wood, no cushion at all… and no good suspension system either. I would bet your behind would be quite sore if you had to ride it for a whole day :P.

Also, I find it quite interesting to have in each warning sign the part “polizeilich”. I wonder if that actually meant someone could get arrested when they stood on the aisle or the stairs for too long?

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