Joining Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign

I’ve been blogging for a while now. On and off, admittedly. And although I might get better on it, sometimes it still felt like I’m just echoing something to a black hole in the blogging universe. Am I doing things right? What else could I do?

Someone obviously heard my despair, because I came across the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. Thank you Rach :). I’m hoping it would be a great way to meet other writer blogger out there, to make new friends, and to learn how this platform building could work for all of us. *waves to my fellow campaigner*. Do join in if you’re a writer and had been feeling the same way as I do!

I write adult fiction, my current works are in the genre of adventure, fantasy, historical, chick lits (not all of them together, obviously). I also like it when there’s a little humor and romance thrown into the work.

I blog (or I planned to blog) about my writing inspirations, positive things, travel stories, stuff I found out during my novel researches, and book reviews.

When I’m not writing, I do web design or developing mobile games with abiyasa. (If you have any web/computer techie question, feel free to ask!). I also love travelling, exploring new cuisine, doing yoga and (sometimes) running.

Cheers to our campaigning journey!




    • Hi! Yes, I certainly hope I’ll avoid the black hole now :D. But most importantly, making new friends around here! Thanks for stopping by, Liz xoxo

  1. Me again. I just clicked on your RSS button and I think it might be broken. Since you don’t have a Followers widget, that’s the only way people can follow you, so you might want to fix that as soon as you can.



    • Thanks again! I fixed that now 🙂 and I put up a Followers widget too. I’m currently redesigning the website so the whole thing is somewhat a mess >.<.

  2. HI Astrid,

    I’m a fellow campaigner in the fantasy (2) group. I’m a little late on finishing my rounds, but I’m glad to have found your blog. It’s nice to find someone else who is a software person by day, writer by night. I’m less web-oriented than it sounds like you are, but I rock some mean c++ when the bills are due.

  3. Stopping by to say, Hi! I’m in your Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit campaign group, and I look forwar to connecting. I’m playing quite a bit of catch-up, and now off to consider my 200 word challenge…


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