Görlitzer Park Sketching session

So far this summer we had been blessed with good weather in Berlin. It was a Saturday, and I wanted to do something different. I saw this Meetup, doing a draw and write in the park, so I thought I’ll try that out and join them.

I have started sketching on and off for the past months. One time I designed a book cover, Lenny for Your Thoughts, another time I also dabbled a bit in character design for the Pilot Cat game, Ninja Cat, but I wouldn’t think of me as a character artist… Still, why not?

For those of you who aren’t Berliners, Görlitzer Park is okay-ish community park. You can grill and hang out in the sun. There’s an amphitheater part which are great for mini concerts if you’re a musician. Mostly it’s a good place to meet up with your friends living in Kreuzberg.

Anyways, I came early, and for a warm up, I did this building-scenery sketch on my Moleskine with a pen.



(It wasn’t a character, I know. Except for those people on the grass)

Then Rachel and I started to try to come up with a theme, and we were going for something either “light and shadow” or “petting zoo” or “the letter R”. I picked the R, and I was going for Red Robots Run towards Rabbit

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Ninja Cat – a Character from Pilot Cat

Last week I’ve told you I’ve been working on some character customization design for the game. This one is one of my favorite. As I said before I’m not a 3D goddess or anything even remotely close to that. But I love the ninja. It’s going to be the one I’m playing in the game :D.

Ninja Cat - a Character from Pilot Cat

If you have any idea of a cat character you’d like to see in the game, feel free to mention it in the comments ;).

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Character Design

This time I’m not talking about writing a character. I am talking about actually drawing a character, with colors and all that. I am currently doing, for the first time, some customization skins for the characters in our Pilot Cat game *sweats*.

It certainly helped a lot that last week we had a Pictoplasma character exhibition here in Berlin. I could definitely use a lot of inspirations from there. I’m going to show you some of my favorites from this exhibition.

Gemma Correll: I Spy with my Little Eye (http://gemmacorrell.com/)

Gemma Correll at Pictoplasma Berlin 2012

I am just a sucker for funny cat themed stuff. Her exhibition was quite simple, just drawings on the wall, but it was also the simplicity, honesty, and cheekiness that draws me to it. My absolute favorite one. Continue reading

Website Redesign

Currently redesigning the whole look and feel of astridparamita.com. This could take a while due to my other work, so I changed the blog theme to TwentyEleven because I felt my old theme is too outdated. I hope the new design will be out by the end of mine. In the meantime, I will still update this blog, and keep you updated with the progress of PilotCat and my other projects :).