A Reminder…

Success does not come from having one’s work recognised by others. It is the fruit of the seed that you lovingly planted…

Posted by Paulo Coelho on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Success does not come from having one’s work recognised by others. It is the fruit of the seed that you lovingly planted.

When harvest time arrives, you can say to yourself: ‘I succeeded.’

You succeeded in gaining respect for your work because you did not work only to survive, but to demonstrate your love for others.

You managed to finish what you began, even though you did not foresee all the traps along the way. And when your enthusiasm waned because of the difficulties you encountered, you reached for discipline.

And when discipline seemed about to disappear because you were tired, you used your moments of repose to think about what steps you needed to take in the future.

You were not paralysed by the defeats that are inevitable in the lives of those who take risks. You didn’t sit agonising over what you lost when you had an idea that didn’t work.

You didn’t stop when you experienced moments of glory, because you had not yet reached your goal.

And when you realised that you would have to ask for help, you did not feel humiliated. And when you learned that someone needed help, you showed them all that you had learned, without fearing that you might be revealing secrets or being used by others.

To him who knocks, the door will open.
He who asks will receive.
He who consoles knows that he will be consoled.

(taken from “Manuscript found in Accra”, by Paulo Coelho)

Note: I just need to get reminded of this from time to time…!

#Trust30 in July

I was thinking whether I should continue on with this challenge. I wrote a total of 16 posts in June, which was not perfect, but still an improvement to what I usually wrote (which is very good!). I love some of the prompts and what I wrote on it. I felt that it’s helping me grow and be more sure of my goals. What I’m not too crazy about is that some prompts seemed to overlap… and I don’t feel encouraged to get into the community (as there are such a wide range of people who do this #Trust30 challenge).

Nevertheless, when I found out they will continue this prompt for July, I was excited although I wasn’t planning on doing this type of blogging in July (was planning on catching up the posts I missed for June instead).  I’m hoping some of you actually enjoy reading what I wrote as much as I enjoy doing it… and with that, fingers crossed I’m going in for another round!

Feline Friday – Look At Me

I’ve been wanting to do a Feline Friday for ages, but I just never got around to it *blush*. I am a cat person but I don’t have a cat right now. My excuse is we’re not settled yet, and I didn’t want to leave my cats when we moved. It’s just too hard.

I’m going to do a prompt from BubbleBoo. This week’s prompt is Look At Me.

Isn’t she sweet? Her name is Mikel, and she loves to pose! I didn’t have a good camera back then, and these pictures were taken with my Nokia 6600 camera phone. That was why I opted for smaller pictures too. Bigger ones would show the grains :(.

See how she flirts with the camera? She was just a kitten, but she looked so big already.

Aww I miss her <3.

Exergaming – Part One

In general, I feel that I’ve always been pretty good in keeping my weight in check. I try to maintain a healthy BMI, so I keep my weight between 49-51 kg (I’m 163 cm tall).

Good genes? Yeah maybe that plays a part, my mom always has healthy weight as well. But I’m not the type of person that can eat anything but still keep thin. In fact, I can tell you exactly where the blueberry cheesecake went :P.

Other secrets?

For me it was as simple as maintaining a healthy eating habit and regular exercise.  No fancy mambo jumbo diet / exercise.

The first step I did was to find an exercise that I love and stick to it. I love swimming but it takes so much time to go to the swimming pool. Not to mention the money spent every time (was a poor student). Running was another option, but I don’t like it that much. I’d do it if I have to but I try to find other option first ;). Going to the gym, same problem with swimming. Plus I didn’t love it so much (although good gym = good training program).

Lucky lucky, that time in 2006 was the start of exercise gaming. And no, it wasn’t Wii Fit! It was PlayStation 2 Eye Toy Kinetic. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect training program, but it has a training regime and a personal trainer that would yell or motivate me.

Eye Toy Kinetic has some cardio, reflex, strength, mind and body training. Most of it comes in game form, which means people would always find a way to cheat the game, but it means then you’d be cheating your fitness too.

The most important change it made was my exercise habit. I started to exercise regularly, noticing how good it made me feel, feeling the sense of achievement every time I finished a training regime. I didn’t get a six pack tummy… (do you know how hard it is to get a six pack tummy?) but I started to get fit. I can chase the bus without gasping for breath!

Another important change was to my eating habit. Being fit means I am more in tune with my body, listening to what it needs, not what it wants. Unconsciously, we chose healthier food, opting for salads, lean meat, and less sugar. I don’t go for a diet, which means I still eat fries, cookies, and sweets from time to time. But I try to eat proportionally and enjoy what I eat. You see, if I eat a slice of apple caramel walnut cake, I want to enjoy every bite. And as a plus point, when you eat slowly, your body has time to send a message when it is full.