iPhone 4S Review, 6 Months On

Sometimes I wonder when I read reviews of products. Everyone tends to have bigger preferences with the shiny new things. But after a while, do they still love it?

Well, I’m happy to report that after six months, I still love my iPhone! I almost would say: “I would not want another type/brand of phone”. Although ten years ago I don’t want to have other phone than my shock resistant – amazing storage of 100 sms – Siemens phone, so let’s see how it goes in the next couple of years ;).

My background: I’m quite the techie geek, I know how to code and I’m also a graphic designer so I don’t think you could get geekier than that. I’m also a writer, I love taking pictures, and I’m an avid user of social networks.

Mobile phones prior to iPhone 4S: Blackberry 8900, Nokia 6600, Siemens M45, Nokia 3210.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Best feature:

The camera. It’s even more than what I dreamed of. The main reason why bought this phone. It’s amazingly good and fast. It allows me capture quick moments, much faster than the normal camera. It’s very quick to start, just whip out the phone from my pocket, and I usually do have them handy, and take the picture! PS: I already posted a review on it here and here.

Other things I love about it:

  • Speed. It makes everything a breeze, especially when you’re looking for something in the city. Map, direction, place recommendations, everything!
  • Apps. There’s just seems to be an app for everything and more. And I love it!

Overrated feature:
Siri. I never use it after the first two weeks. Just maybe sometimes when I want to show off my phone to my friends.

What I wish I could change:

Capacity expansion. Due to my love of apps, my 16gb one is 85% full. The thing is, when I read people’s recommendation of the size, they always said the bigger ones isn’t necessary if you don’t have much music and movies. This is not true. Mine is full of apps and games, and pictures (must start deleting them :P).

What I thought I wouldn’t like but turned out it’s okay:

  • Battery life. Although it would be nice to be able to use the phone a week straight without charging, I find as long as I could spend the day comfortably, it’s really okay. I use my phone for a lot of things: playing music, facebook, checking e-mails, playing games, so it’s only normal for the battery to run out after a day. Besides, my battery seemed to run longer compared to hubs’ Samsung Galaxy S (especially after the 5.1 update)
  • Touch screen for typing. It’s surprisingly not bad at all. As long as the autocorrect plays nice. I would think if one writes completely in one language, it should be very good. But as I have to write in English, Indonesian, and German, I have to remember to change the language whenever I type or the recommendation will be very weird.

Most used apps:

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iPhone 4S Camera Test – part One

My iPhone 4S came last Friday (yes, I pre-ordered). The reason I got it (apart from needing a new phone) is the camera. It was advertised as “the best camera ever on a mobile phone” and “might be the only camera you need”. As I love taking pictures on my walks, I figured I want this. But, is it really true?

Last weekend we had a perfect blue sky weather in Berlin. We went out to test the camera along side hubs’ Samsung Galaxy S and a Point-and-Shoot camera Panasonic Lumix TZ-7. We didn’t have any specific scenarios for testing, it was all basically done on a whim, but some of the pictures really showed the capabilities (and flaws) of iPhone 4S’ camera.

Berlin TV Tower and S-Bahn

This was taken with the iPhone. I love this picture. It’s Berlin. And the phone was fast enough to capture the S-Bahn as it came to view! With my other phone, the train would’ve already left :P.

On the next picture, one was taken with the iPhone, the other with Lumix TZ-7. Can you guess which one is which? (Note: I had to resize the pictures because of some site error)

Berliner Dom -1

Berliner Dom - 2

Picture one is taken with Lumix TZ-7, picture two is iPhone 4S. You could see the iPhone one lacks a little bit of depth due to the small lens size, but overall it’s quite impressive, eh? I will show the pictures taken in low light conditions on my next posts… so stay tuned :).


Doing Some Blog Maintenance

Oh fun! Right? Well… yeah not really. I was planning to do update some functionalities on my blog. I wanted to have the nested comment thing because as it turned out, my theme didn’t support that. I made my own theme based on an old WordPress theme, so it means I’d have to add this functionality myself.

Being a sometimes snobbish geek girl, I tried to hack my way to adding this to the php code. HA! Not working except for adding some unnecessary hairfall on my part. I should’ve known better to look for some tutorial first. Such as this one. That would definitely make my life easier ;).

*headdesk*. Lesson learned.