Fantasy Film Festival – Berlin 2013

Fantasy Filmfest 2013

Fantasy Filmfest 2013

It’s been exactly one year since my last year’s post on Fantasy Filmfest. Since I had a lot of fun last year, of course I went again this year! I planned only to see four movies, but ended up seeing nine. That’s just how it goes when you’re having too much fun, isn’t it?

As it was last year, they’ve put up a good selection of movie too, although I really missed something funny, sarcastic, so over the top like Cockneys vs Zombies or Grabbers. On the other hand, there’s loads of smartly constructed story, ideas, and those dark humors.

Here are my impressions of the movies.

The Congress

The Congress

The Congress

The opening movie. It was a Sci-Fi theme, the what if we were to be able to escape from our reality into an animated reality by just a sniff of a substance. In the animated world, you are free to be whoever you want (and someone chose to be Jesus)… I’m not sure I’d want to be anyone else but myself, and I hope my friends too (out-of-topic). Anyways, I was a little torn with this one. It has some great ideas but I find it lacking punch. Either the story wasn’t dramatic enough (note to self: read the book) or the interplay between the real world and the animated world wasn’t working so well. I do like the imagination of the characters so I’m going to go neutral and say it’s a good festival movie. Also I went to the talk at the Apple Store earlier that day, which is where I got my fff poster signed by the director, Ari Folman :). Continue reading

Katerholzig Restaurant – Katerschmaus

IMG_5694_FotorOn Tuesday I had a chance to try out Katerschmaus. It was a little out of the blue. A friend of mine made a reservation and when her partner cancelled she asked if I could go with her. As I heard some recommendations of the place and the rumors of a possible close down (and of course having a good time with my friend), I said yes.

Katerholzig itself is the sort of place that’s supposed to embody Berlin. A kind of run down place with a lot of graffitis, sort of smelly of years of cigarettes and whatever things they do there, punkish-rebel kind of feel that reminds you of the freedom of being yourself and expressing who you are while being a poor squatting sort of Berliner.

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Görlitzer Park Sketching session

So far this summer we had been blessed with good weather in Berlin. It was a Saturday, and I wanted to do something different. I saw this Meetup, doing a draw and write in the park, so I thought I’ll try that out and join them.

I have started sketching on and off for the past months. One time I designed a book cover, Lenny for Your Thoughts, another time I also dabbled a bit in character design for the Pilot Cat game, Ninja Cat, but I wouldn’t think of me as a character artist… Still, why not?

For those of you who aren’t Berliners, Görlitzer Park is okay-ish community park. You can grill and hang out in the sun. There’s an amphitheater part which are great for mini concerts if you’re a musician. Mostly it’s a good place to meet up with your friends living in Kreuzberg.

Anyways, I came early, and for a warm up, I did this building-scenery sketch on my Moleskine with a pen.



(It wasn’t a character, I know. Except for those people on the grass)

Then Rachel and I started to try to come up with a theme, and we were going for something either “light and shadow” or “petting zoo” or “the letter R”. I picked the R, and I was going for Red Robots Run towards Rabbit

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Fernsehturm – TV Tower Berlin Alexanderplatz

I was just back from my vacation in Indonesia, but instead of posting pictures from it, I felt like I needed to write something as an ode to Berlin. Remind myself that this city could be pretty too. (note: currently it’s such a crappy spring here, snowing on the last day of March!)