Photoshop Hand Tool Bug

So, I’m currently trying to redesign my blog again. Nothing too fancy on the design (so far) but still, it means I have to do some more work with Photoshop.

Now I got this bug again and again several time. No matter what tool I chose on Photoshop, it only shows the hand tool [will post a screenshot when it happens again]. At first I thought: “Okay, I have a bajillion thing on my memory it must screw it up. And I haven’t restart for a couple of days so let’s do that.” But after it happens more than once in a day. I start to pull out my hair a little bit.

One google search came up with this:

*relieved that I’m not the only one*

I summarized a couple of things you can do to solve it from there:

  • Restart the computer (a pain, but take it as a reminder if you haven’t restart for weeks :P)
  • Pretend nothing happened, go procrastinate for a couple of mins and see if something had changed.
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > General (or Ctrl-K) and then click Reset all Warning Dialogs
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT at startup and delete preferences
  • Press the space bar or caps lock

Update: Last time it happened again, the space bar solution seemed to work best. The reset all warning didn’t work at all for me. So I guess it might be depends on the problem of your computer all together.