Two Weeks Into Campaigning…

And I’m still feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I’m a bad campaigner because I haven’t been visiting the sites of my fellow campaigner :(. So sorry guys!

I realized I might have been too ambitious on taking on this project. I registered myself in 4 linky lists, and when I listed all the people in my group, it totaled to 101 blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to get to know everyone but I’m still trying to work out a plan to visit everyone’s blog.

Currently I have it all on my list and I plan to visit at least 15 blogs a day. That way I know I’ll be able to make a round to everyone at least once a week :).

Did I miss something here? Do you fellow campaigners have a better idea? Do share!

9 Things: Vacationing in Your Own City

We were on vacation in Berlin last week. I didn’t mention anything here because I thought that would be a great opportunity to catch up on blogging and campaigning. I was not really going away from my own city.

Then again, as we started getting into the vacation, I realized I desperately needed it for my own well being. I could feel my nerves flaring up from all the tension. So I decided to really forget about work and go fully into a break. Besides, catching up on work kind of felt like procrastinating on my own vacation ;).

Unfortunately, since I mostly work from home, switching the brain isn’t that easy. The “I didn’t have to go to work today” doesn’t really feel like anything to me. Unless, of course, I didn’t want to check any e-mails or play Sims Social (yes, I’m addicted to it since a few weeks).

The first few days were okay, it felt like a nice long weekend. We went for lots of walks, had great food, doing our usual weekend stuff. But then I started to feel some anxiety attack. What if I couldn’t feel relaxed enough during this vacation? Did we make the right decision by not going anywhere? (the answer to the last question is YES, because we needed the fund for something else more important).

Skipping to the end, I managed to feel relaxed and happy like being on a usual vacation.

It’s not easy because we didn’t go to other cities (except for a daytrip to Braunschweig).

Here are the things I do to help myself:

  1. Stay away from the usual routine. Which was why I stayed away as far as possible from word processors and design tools.
  2. Set up a vacation budget, so I would not feel guilty of spending more money than usual.
  3. Rejoice in the fact that I’m saving money. At least I don’t have to pay for transport and lodging.
  4. Look for places I haven’t been to. Granted, this is the advantage of living in a bigger city. But I bet there’s always somewhere you haven’t been to in your city. Look for some exhibitions, concerts, new restaurants.
  5. Don’t fret about housework.  You wouldn’t worry about laundry or dishes during a vacation, would you? I’m not saying you shouldn’t clean up, but just don’t feel like “since I’m not working, my house should be shiny clean”. (Unless you’re a fan of cleaning… I’m not :P)
  6. Don’t fret about work. This is not the time to catch up. This is a time for refreshing the brain, to prepare itself for new ideas for the next project.
  7. Treat your other senses. Perhaps try a new spice in food, try a new type of cuisine, or go for a massage.
  8. Pretend you’re a tourist. Make a role play, look the part, bring a map, and take lots of pictures.
  9. Most importantly, do things that made you happy. This is the time for it! My happy things are going for a walk in the city, eating good food, and read a lot.

Joining Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign

I’ve been blogging for a while now. On and off, admittedly. And although I might get better on it, sometimes it still felt like I’m just echoing something to a black hole in the blogging universe. Am I doing things right? What else could I do?

Someone obviously heard my despair, because I came across the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. Thank you Rach :). I’m hoping it would be a great way to meet other writer blogger out there, to make new friends, and to learn how this platform building could work for all of us. *waves to my fellow campaigner*. Do join in if you’re a writer and had been feeling the same way as I do!

I write adult fiction, my current works are in the genre of adventure, fantasy, historical, chick lits (not all of them together, obviously). I also like it when there’s a little humor and romance thrown into the work.

I blog (or I planned to blog) about my writing inspirations, positive things, travel stories, stuff I found out during my novel researches, and book reviews.

When I’m not writing, I do web design or developing mobile games with abiyasa. (If you have any web/computer techie question, feel free to ask!). I also love travelling, exploring new cuisine, doing yoga and (sometimes) running.

Cheers to our campaigning journey!