Female Gamers

Today I found a youtube video, shared by¬†Balp on my Plurk network. Being a female, a gamer, and married to a game designer, I heard a lot about this topic. They analyze why women don’t like games, or why women are mostly attracted to casual games.

There was nothing new in the video, except for the presentation (I think it’s really nicely done). And probably because I heard enough of it, I started to think about it another way. I really don’t like how these topics usually separate people with genre (although I did that too for the title of this post.

I believe as human beings, we have preferences and tendencies. Things we like that we can’t explain why we like it, and things we learn to like because we are thought to think like that. Girls with pink ponies and boys with blue robots.

What does it got to do with games?

I can’t speak for everyone so I’ll tell my story… I am very lucky that my parents never limit me to a pink girl box when it comes to choosing what I like. As a kid, I am not attracted to dressing up dolls or playing tea party host. I prefer remote controlled cars and being a librarian. Of course I eventually had a Barbie doll (I guess at some point either my parents became worried or I was afraid of being different – teenager thing) but I also get myself Tamiya cars and airplanes that I made myself.

I never thought of things I like or dislike because it’s a girl or boy thing. I like shoes, make up, and chicklits. I like games and football. I’m good in casual games and hardcore games.

I never saw games as a guy thing. Not even when it involves fast cars, gores, or female as sex object. I actually love Leisure Suit Larry ;).

For me, it doesn’t make sense to divide games into female games and male games. It’s more of good games and crappy games. But then again, as you see, I’m not the average female either.

Can we change games to be more appealing to women?

Definitely. But don’t expect instant result. I think it’s kind of the same as trying to make men more interested in fashion. It takes time. And changes to the way we stereotyped things.

Let it flow, keep making good games, and stop marking those games in separate genders.

Assassin’s Creed 2

First of all, I’m actually a gamer chick. We have almost all consoles in our apt and I love playing racing games, puzzles, and lately I’m loving this type of adventure, jumping, fighting, killing type of game (so please don’t associate me as girl gamers with the likes of those Barbie loves Pony kind of things).

Second of all, I just need to shout that Assassin’s Creed 2 is super awesome. I love love love this game. It’s the best game so far! (I don’t want to say ever because I’m hoping they will be more games like this in the future). The graphic is fantastic, the story is believable, and the gameplay is fun.

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