You Know. You Choose. It’s Your Life. – Day 21

The Prompt:

You Know by Jen Louden

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage of the world. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a society of advice columns, experts and make-over shows. Without even knowing it, you can begin to believe someone knows better than you how to live your life. Someone might know a particular something better – like how to bake a three-layer molten coconut chocolate cake or how to build a website – but nobody else on the planet knows how to live your life better than you. (Although one or two people may think they do.) For today, trying asking yourself often, especially before you make a choice, “What do I know about this?”

(Author: Jen Louden)


Most of the time, I didn’t know everything there is to know about what I chose. I’m someone who’d rather go with the guts when it comes to big choices. I found it paralyzing when I had to know everything before taking an action, I could end up not doing it at all. Ignorance is truly bliss sometimes.

I’m a stubborn child. When there’s someone telling me what to do, I wouldn’t want to do it. I know what I want and I would hardly settle for anything else. (Except my mom and my husband knows exactly how to persuade me into doing things.)

Do I have my doubts? Yes, there are times when I hope I could google my life so I could see what would be the best choice, but then again, what’s the fun in actually doing that? The greatest blessing in our life is choice. There are mostly neither right nor wrong. We just have to go with one, and learn as we go along. Don’t worry about making mistakes, as life without mistakes is boring!

I agree, nobody else knows how to live our life better than ourselves. Most importantly, because it’s OUR life, not theirs, and WE get to live it, not them.


The myth of my 'former life'

I read this article today on The myth of the  writer’s ‘former life’. It made me think of what would be the most dramatic story of my life.

There will always be a couple of viewpoints you’d want to go with anyone’s life. People has their ups and downs, happy and sad moments, smooth sailings and hardships. One person’s hardship could be considered as another’s smooth sailing.

The thing is, I love my life right now. I wouldn’t want to trade it with anyone else. And most importantly, I don’t like to dwell on the negative things. I believe in accentuating on the positive until it outweighs the negative.

But yeah, okay this post is not about that. So let’s see…

How do I make money right now… Well, I don’t. I live through… being married. I’d like to call it as my husband’s investment on my writing career. I still hate the fact that I couldn’t make money on my own (yet!). But being supported by the husband (which technically means I’m a *gasp* housewife ) doesn’t really qualify as a dramatic job.

We are expats/immigrants in Germany… that always comes with a bit of hardships, right? Although.. my first intention of moving here is to pursue a Master Degree. Not that romantic.

What did I leave to be a novelist? A nice paycheck in an IT job… which could go from 30k to 50k EUR a year here. I still bangs my head from time to time over this.. but you know what? I follow my heart to get here. And following my dream is worth every single lacking penny! (note: someone please reminds me again of this when I whine about not being able to buy that shoes!)

So, I think I’d be a former Software Engineer who follows her heart.