Evil Twin (Short Film)


Evil Twin (2013), Producer/Director: Christian Pfeil, Actors: Cha-Lee Yoon, Can Aydin, Phong Giang. http://epicmanproduction.com/eviltwin/index.html


“The film begins at the end of a robbery. The main characters, the up-market criminals, are old friends and also two sets of brothers. In the job they just completed, teleportation technology was stolen and this brought out the worst in one of them. The Evil Twin begins a fight that catapults them back and forth through time and space; nobody knows which way this fight will go or the next place the devices will send them…

Who will be the winner in this brotherly battle and have the control of the teleportation and the gang?”



What do you mostly want to see in a good action one-on-one combat short? Brilliantly choreographed fight scenes, check. Beautiful camera angles and shots, check. Brutal realistic one on one combat, check.

I love the play and the fights between the characters. I think it’s a fun idea to use some sort of portal to transport you (and most times, unfortunately, your opponent too) to a new terrain. Especially if you think you can’t win in the current one. It’s quite fun to see them fight on a bridge, in the rain, on top of a tank, bare hands, guns, … and a cameo from the director? ;).

It’s a crazy all out indie sort of an action flick. Somehow reminded me of The Raid. Perhaps this is the direction the director will be going for in producing a full length movie? I hope so. I think it’ll be great.

I wish there’s more story to it though, just so I’d have more emotional attachment to the characters and I’d root more for one of them ;). And, I know this is more of a men-flick, but I’d love to see either more female characters (not just a stripper!) or none at all.

All in all, it’s one to watch if you love action scenes and real bloody fights. Looking forward to another piece from Christian Pfeil / Epicman Production (ha, I love the name of the company!).


EVIL TWIN Teaser Two from Christian Pfeil on Vimeo.

EVIL TWIN is on its way!
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Fantasy Film Festival – Berlin 2013

Fantasy Filmfest 2013

Fantasy Filmfest 2013

It’s been exactly one year since my last year’s post on Fantasy Filmfest. Since I had a lot of fun last year, of course I went again this year! I planned only to see four movies, but ended up seeing nine. That’s just how it goes when you’re having too much fun, isn’t it?

As it was last year, they’ve put up a good selection of movie too, although I really missed something funny, sarcastic, so over the top like Cockneys vs Zombies or Grabbers. On the other hand, there’s loads of smartly constructed story, ideas, and those dark humors.

Here are my impressions of the movies.

The Congress

The Congress

The Congress

The opening movie. It was a Sci-Fi theme, the what if we were to be able to escape from our reality into an animated reality by just a sniff of a substance. In the animated world, you are free to be whoever you want (and someone chose to be Jesus)… I’m not sure I’d want to be anyone else but myself, and I hope my friends too (out-of-topic). Anyways, I was a little torn with this one. It has some great ideas but I find it lacking punch. Either the story wasn’t dramatic enough (note to self: read the book) or the interplay between the real world and the animated world wasn’t working so well. I do like the imagination of the characters so I’m going to go neutral and say it’s a good festival movie. Also I went to the talk at the Apple Store earlier that day, which is where I got my fff poster signed by the director, Ari Folman :). Continue reading