Day 1 and 2, 1490 words

I must admit it is not as hard as I thought… Although I can’t keep up with the target of 2000 words a day, but almost 1500 isn’t that bad, considering I didn’t have so much experience before.

My story will be about a notebook and a girl. No plot information here… not just because I did not want to share it to everyone… but also because I haven’t been able to plan the whole thing… Aja aja fighting!!!

Till tomorrow…


For one month in November 2006 I will write a 175 pages (50.000 words) novel. Damn excited and scared… Excited because I have the chance and the deadline to do it… But also scared because I have tons of things to do in November. Flying home to Indonesia, my brother-in-law’s wedding… but what’s success without challenges, right?

So… here goes!!!

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