The Gift

The Gift by Cecilia Ahern (2009)

When I picked up this book, I was actually hoping for a light chicklit read. I think it does look like it thanks to the book cover, and the author’s previous books I’ve read (P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End, Thanks for the Memories) kind of falls into that genre.

I like Cecilia Ahern’s previous books and I wish I could say I was pleasantly surprised to what I found reading it. I couldn’t. The good part is the story was easy to follow and it does flow nicely. The problem is I couldn’t get pass the cliché in the story and most of the characters. To me, it felt too much like I was in a classroom, being taught a lesson of what I should and should not do in life by a teacher who likes to point fingers.

I do like inspirational books and I read quite a few of them. This one just doesn’t deliver it. It’s simply not inspiring to me. I found myself finished the book and thinking… what’s the point? Even if a lesson of finding out what is important in life is what you’re looking for, there are better ones out there. Ones that truly inspires you and touched your soul.

No, I couldn’t get myself to recommend this book. But if you want to read it, by all means read it. And if you like it, please let me know, maybe there was something I missed.

My Two Cents on Avatar

Avatar is… boring after the 3D honeymoon phase (and that happened quite fast for me). I kinda wished I could just fall asleep but just couldn’t after remembering the Euros I spend for the ticket :P.

I wished they make more effort with the story… but wait… Avatar is being nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama for Golden Globe. Seriously? Drama?

Is there something wrong with me?

I thought it’s a good… okay, great technical-artistic movie. But I was too distracted with the predictable story. I like to guess what happen with the characters since the beginning of the movie, and I love it when the movie surprised me with twists. This one surprised me from all my guess was right (and that actually kinda not cool).

But yeah, they got a 8.7 score on IMDB, and 2nd worldwide highest-grossing movie (James Cameron, you do have a awesome feel for making such movie). So perhaps I was just a tiny dot in the population who somewhat regrets going to see it…

Just one last word of note, if you watch it, go in 3D. That’s the only way to see this movie ;).

Assassin’s Creed 2

First of all, I’m actually a gamer chick. We have almost all consoles in our apt and I love playing racing games, puzzles, and lately I’m loving this type of adventure, jumping, fighting, killing type of game (so please don’t associate me as girl gamers with the likes of those Barbie loves Pony kind of things).

Second of all, I just need to shout that Assassin’s Creed 2 is super awesome. I love love love this game. It’s the best game so far! (I don’t want to say ever because I’m hoping they will be more games like this in the future). The graphic is fantastic, the story is believable, and the gameplay is fun.

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La Tigre e La Neve (The Tiger and The Snow)


A Roberto Benigni’s film, 2005. Starring Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, and Jean Reno.

The story is about a Attilio de Giovanni’s journey (Roberto Benigni) to save Vittoria (Nicoletta Braschi), the woman he loves, and his quest to win her heart. Its main setting is at the beginning of the war in Iraq, with the perfect combination of sadness, comedy, and lots of hope.

It is wonderfully told; reminds me of the fact that when love combined with persistence and hope, it could change everything. In this case, it could truly save the love of his life.

I would recommend the movie. It might start a bit slow, but believe me, it is worth staying through the end. And for those who is skeptical about war-themed movies, this is definitely not the depressing war movies. Yes of course there are sad moments, but as in life, sadness and happiness always joins hand in hand.

Rating: 7/10

Perempuan Punya Cerita vs A Thousand Splendid Suns

Hari ini gw terbaca sinopsis film “Perempuan Punya Cerita” di kompas online. Sayangnya kompas nggak bisa di-link, tapi sinopsis film dan trailernya juga bisa dilihat di

4 cerita pendek. 4 sutradara perempuan bercerita tentang 4 perempuan biasa yang punya pengalaman luar biasa. Tapi kenapa dari 4 cerita ini, kok semuanya cerita penderitaan perempuan ya?

Please don’t let it be another depressing movie…

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