Script Frenzy Winner :)

I made it!!!!

What an experience…

30 days, 20.000 words, around 120 pages of movie script. I honestly thought it is going to be easy. Well, actually it is. All I have to do is write 667 words a day on the month of June. Simple. Everyone can do it.

Did I do it like that? Of course. HA! I lied. I can only manage to write on a daily basis for 4 days. After that, everything else was my top priority. My master thesis, work, grocery shopping, and of course on the free time I have, I procrastinate. So I ended up doing the last 14000 words in a week and the last 6000 words in the last 1.5 days. Typical ol’ me.

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Hot Weather is Here…

Another challenge on my Script Frenzy.

Is it really because the weather or is it just me being lazy and try to find an excuse? Well, I found out that the best working temperature for summer time is around 23 – 26 degree Celsius and it’s 32 degrees Celsius in my working place (/bedroom/flat).

Sounds weird because I’m from tropical country where the weather is supposed to be warm and all, yet I can’t manage to work in this heat. I tried drinking lots of water which should work to keep my body hydrated. It was (I think) but my brain still didn’t work so well especially with the creative stuff (like script writing!). I still feel like butter melting in the heat…

I just have to hang in there… word count is bad (only 1600 words so far). My body should adjust to the heat and then I will be all geared up to go again. In the meantime, I should probably take it easy… it’s my birthday tomorrow!

Mood Swings

I understand that just like happiness, sadness is also a part of life. That’s the bigger picture. But in the details, I still can’t seem to manage it affecting my work.

Bad days could happen. As I see it, there are two ways I handle it.

The ideal way is to put my feelings aside and keep working. That being said, didn’t work very well for me, especially when the work requires creativity (as in writing or graphic design). I noticed that in this period of time, my work tends to go to the dark side. My character had depressing moments, my color choice tends to aim towards darker hues.

The other way to handle this is to improve my mood for the day and then come the next day with a stronger spirit. Of course this had down moments too. The next day usually come faster than I think and the deadline now chasing after me with a light speed. Ouch!

In the end, I would just try my best. When I look inside myself honestly, I know when I actually need the break or am I just being lazy. I just have to make sure that I do my best and feel good about it. There are no really right and wrong. There are only choices with consequences.

As my friend Dhany said, “Take a chance, and live with the consequences!”


Am I a Chicklit Addict?

I love romantic comedy movies. Especially the ones with the adorable actors like Hugh Grant or Orlando Bloom. It just came naturally to me. Maybe like guys with their action kung-fu movie (at least in Indonesia they are crazy about it).

I used to watch every single one of them. Even dragged my husband as well (poor him). As expected, some of them are good, some of them are really so-so, yet I enjoyed it anyways.

Now the question that haunts me is whether I am a Chicklit addict or not? Can I write other genre? Should I? I want to try it… Write some action comedy – Jacky Chan movie maybe?

I tried with my storyline for Script Frenzy. It started out as an action comedy, but somehow, during the story refining, I turned it back to a chicklit movie. I pitched it to my husband and he said “it’s really a chicklit movie”. Aaarrrghh!!

Well, in the end I decided to stay with this genre. I love it, I believe in the story, and I want to watch the movie. All of the fun reasons are there. More than enough to get me through the frenzy month :).

Yes, I am a Chicklit addict. But my story is more than that.

Ready, Get Set, Write!

The first day of the Frenzy! I am a bit worried when I realized that other people actually made the mock up trailers, some already know for sure how their characters looked like and all that. Me? I feel utterly underachieved. For a second. When I woke up this morning.

It took me a while to get started, getting the motivation going, characters brimming lively in my head. It was not until Roger Federer won the 3rd round of the French Open I managed to pull myself together to get my script writing bible, and my laptop ready for writing.

I had a story in mind already and some not-so-pictured-perfectly characters in my mind. Even the real simple preparations I had were very helpful. Next time I would definitely make the trailer! (Or in a short while when I procrastinate more :P)

But I have to say, the first day is super fun! I managed to finish within the daily deadline (670 words), which for me is already quite something since my previous NaNoWriMo start was not even close to that.

On the big note today, Celtx saved my day. My Vaio screwed up a bit when I asked it to standby… and it decides to shut down instead. So lucky that I remember to save before (or Celtx saves the file automatically). I know I should always save and backup my work regularly. It’s just when I did, nothing bad really happens :P. Well no, seriously people, remember to SAVE and BACKUP your work regularly. It’s not funny when you suddenly lost your 19976 words script due to some hard drive problem! Do it! NOW!