5 Myths of Berlinale


Tickets queue at Potsdamer Arkaden

Another year of Berlinale, another great time with the festival. Intense two weeks as usual. Organizing which movies I wanted to see, getting the tickets, running around town to get to the venues. It’s one of the reasons why I love living in Berlin!

This is my 5th time doing the Berlinale. (Yeah, I didn’t realize it’s been that long either… I just keep track from the bags.) I realized this year, there are some myths going around about this festival, which is kind of too bad because I think it’s a festival for all the movie goers in Berlin. So if you’ve been putting off it because of these myths, I hope you’ll rethink it next year!

1. It’s impossible to get tickets to Berlinale.

It could be hard, but it’s not impossible. Just like any other great events that needs tickets. Online tickets are almost impossible to get, that’s true (unless you’re used to this process of knowing exactly when to click buy). But luckily in Berlinale there are allocations of amounts for tickets sold on each venues. So, when one sold out, the others might still be available. Here’s how you can get them:

  • Online through www.berlinale.de. Toughest one to get, most convenient because you can just be in your pyjamas/office/warmth of a building. Extra 1.5 € charge per ticket.
  • Queuing at the pre-sale booth. Most chance to get one, depending on the day, you could queue up to 3-4 hours. It’s also a fun chance to bond with other movie goers (usually pensioners). If you really wanted a certain ticket, be there at least 1-2 hours before the booth opens (10am). There’s no extra charge per ticket, might be worth thinking if you’re getting more than 10 tickets.
  • Go to an eventim booth, usually called Konzertkasse and the likes. They have a limited allocation of tickets too. No lines, and usually still available after the other two options are sold out. They charge 2 € per ticket, and an extra 1-1.5 € for going at a person in a booth. Which is why I always avoid this option when possible.
  • At the cinema on the day of showing. If it’s a sold out movie, make sure you get there as early as possible. They do seem to have another different allocation for this, so there’s still hope.
  • Especially nearing the end of Berlinale, you could also find people selling their tickets. Most of them are actually selling it at a normal price. Usually they just realized they had conflicting time schedule or a friend of theirs cancelled out.

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Photoshop Hand Tool Bug

So, I’m currently trying to redesign my blog again. Nothing too fancy on the design (so far) but still, it means I have to do some more work with Photoshop.

Now I got this bug again and again several time. No matter what tool I chose on Photoshop, it only shows the hand tool [will post a screenshot when it happens again]. At first I thought: “Okay, I have a bajillion thing on my memory it must screw it up. And I haven’t restart for a couple of days so let’s do that.” But after it happens more than once in a day. I start to pull out my hair a little bit.

One google search came up with this:


*relieved that I’m not the only one*

I summarized a couple of things you can do to solve it from there:

  • Restart the computer (a pain, but take it as a reminder if you haven’t restart for weeks :P)
  • Pretend nothing happened, go procrastinate for a couple of mins and see if something had changed.
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > General (or Ctrl-K) and then click Reset all Warning Dialogs
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT at startup and delete preferences
  • Press the space bar or caps lock

Update: Last time it happened again, the space bar solution seemed to work best. The reset all warning didn’t work at all for me. So I guess it might be depends on the problem of your computer all together.

My Shoes Are Too Big

mai new shuuz

I have small feet. I’m 163 cm tall but my shoe size is 36 and tiny. By tiny I mean my foot a bit on the narrow side so sometimes I have to go down to 35.5, especially for high heels.

Usually though, for the flat shoes, 36 always fits. That’s why I ordered these pretty Pretty Ballerinas, especially irresistible since it’s half the price :)!

I wait for them come, seemed forever although it’s only 4 days :P, and then they finally came. I impatiently tried them on and they are too big for my feet :(. Damn.

What do I do? What do I do? Return them? It’s not impossible. Pretty Ballerinas does have a return policy and I can have it exchanged as well, but there’s no smaller size for this one. Besides, they are so pretty!

I have to make it work. I looked for some hints in teh interwebs. Interestingly enough, when I came across a men’s forum on this topic, most of them said: RETURN IT! Ohhhh… Maybe the hubby will think the same? Nooooo…. But luckily he understood that I need to try first.

I went out to the shoe store and bought these:

shoepadWhen I got home, I tried different things, some works and some don’t. I think it is also depending on your shoe situation. Mine has gaps in the front part and top, and the back kept slipping off.

  • Front gap: I add cotton balls in front of the shoes until the length fits perfect.
  • Top gap, first I add the half soles (a) but it’s not enough so I add the party feet half soles (b) as well.
  • Back part: the footbed soles (d) just didn’t fit and it feels weird for me. Fortunately, the anti slip (c) is brilliant! It kept my feet from slipping off and protected it from blisters because it is made of soft nubuck.

On the weekend, I tested the shoes and it was still a bit uncomfortable. It actually became too tight. So I decided to remove the party feet half soles. I walked a bit more and…. it works! I don’t have problems with the shoe anymore. It looks great and it feels great!  Yay!!!

So in the end, I could make the size works. That being said, I would still prefer buying shoes that fits. But sometimes, just sometimes, I would just work it out. And now we live happily ever after… until the next season 😉