Articles on Writing

Compilation of links and things I found interesting in a world of writing, publishing, and general inspiration.

Articles to read when we’re exhausted and started to feel like all hope is lost in publishing:

Last but not least: 8 interesting places to find inspiration.

Sunday Writing Links

Inspired by this post by Iain Broome. When you’re stuck, do something else:

And if someone questions your commitment because you chose to watch X Factor or American Idol rather than attempt to beat your writer’s block with an hour and a half’s worth of horrible, depressing, turgid, ultimately unusable writing, please tell them to shove their judgemental claptrap right up their bum.

Today I’m sharing some fun procrastinating link. It still is quite useful for writing, not directly, but it’s fun to play around!

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Sunday Writing Links

Being a writer, sometimes you go procrastinating over the internet, looking up more resources for your novel, or reading some interesting articles about writing/editing/publishing.

Starting now, every Sunday I will post what I found on the previous week. I hope it’ll be usefull to you too!

This week links:

Lulu Titlescorer

It’s kind of a fun test, where you can put in your book title and the system would analyze the possibility of your book has a best selling title. I won’t say you should trust it 100%, but it’s good for some ideas of what kind of title usually work in the market.

Mary-Sue Litmus Test

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even know what Mary-Sue Litmus is until a couple of months ago. If you need more reference, here’s a wikipedia article about Mary Sue. I found this test to be quite interesting, perhaps you’ll better learn what Mary Sue is from this test ;). Also, it could help you see how much possible clichés in the characters you’re making.

Have fun trying, and don’t let it distract too much from the writing ;).