Hot Weather is Here…

Another challenge on my Script Frenzy.

Is it really because the weather or is it just me being lazy and try to find an excuse? Well, I found out that the best working temperature for summer time is around 23 – 26 degree Celsius and it’s 32 degrees Celsius in my working place (/bedroom/flat).

Sounds weird because I’m from tropical country where the weather is supposed to be warm and all, yet I can’t manage to work in this heat. I tried drinking lots of water which should work to keep my body hydrated. It was (I think) but my brain still didn’t work so well especially with the creative stuff (like script writing!). I still feel like butter melting in the heat…

I just have to hang in there… word count is bad (only 1600 words so far). My body should adjust to the heat and then I will be all geared up to go again. In the meantime, I should probably take it easy… it’s my birthday tomorrow!

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