My Andrea Bocelli Groupie Moment

I always thought of myself as someone who is quite composed in almost everything. I rarely jumped up and down screaming and stuff. Not really easily panicking over something (except firecrackers. I hate firecrackers!). Okay, I know some of you would say, “Yeah right, Astrid, we don’t believe it.” Ehm… yeah perhaps it’s true, sometimes I think too much of myself…

Anyways, at least I *used* to believe I won’t ever going to get starstruck, that I would remain poised whenever I get to meet a star. After all, being in Berlin with its film festival events get me some chances to see some movie stars up close. So far so good, I guess. At least there’s no proof saying otherwise.

Until the night we went to the concert in Lajatico on Sunday July 25th, 2010. We had this one amazing moment when Andrea Bocelli happens to walk within my arm reach. OMG!!!

I’m going to show you screenshots since the whole moment is captured on video. Darling hubs happened to be blocking Andrea’s way (lucky hubs!!!). Technically hubs was actually even closer to Andrea than me, just too bad we didn’t have hubs’ face on camera ;). Continue reading

Andrea Bocelli, Teatro del Silenzio 2009 Experience

Me and hubby at the concert

I had always been a huge fan of Andrea since I heard him sang Con Te Partiro. It was one of the first CDs I bought (previously it was always tapes =P). Anyhow, to be honest, I never imagine of actually going to his concert. Because it was usually expensive, and there was never one in Indonesia or Germany prior to 2009. I went to the Mascagni Gala at Deutsche Oper Berlin, but that was another story ;).

So this year, we thought, we finished our master study and we should give ourselves a gift :). And when I could get the tickets back in November (yup, 8 months before the concert) I thought this is really a sign that we should go :).

It turned out to be one of the best decision we made this year! It was truly a special concert, the one concert a Bocelli fan should go to.

The concert took place in Andrea Bocell’s hometown, Lajatico. The venue was not exactly in the city itself, but in an open air amphitheater in the middle of the Tuscan hills. It is so beautiful! You can see the yellow fields around the area, the brilliant blue sky, it was just perfect. It looked like it just came straight out of a painting :).

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