Astrid Paramita Mochtarram believes that life is too interesting to just focus on one thing. A true Gemini with (sometimes) clashing personality traits, she loves to explore and try out new things, exploring outside her comfort zone, and really, never say never.

In her thirty something life, she has become a nerd, a geek, an engineer, an artist, a writer, and an entrepreneur. A little crazy and too energetic at times, she is most passionate when asked about her current project of building her own startup in the field of social network and recommendation platform for beauty lovers.

She has a bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering, majoring in Artificial Intelligence, a Master of Science degree in Digital Media, and three years of giving-it-all to be a writer. She is always fascinated by math, puzzles, logic riddles, and stories. She loves traveling as a way to experience new things, food as a way to awaken the senses, and everything that challenges her creativity and keeps her hyperactive imagination sane.

Currently she lives in this sexy city called Berlin with her husband, and loving every minute of it!

Contact her at one of the social links she has on the left or send her an e-mail at: ohai (at) astridparamita (dot) com

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