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Started off in an Informatics major and ended up being a writer means half of my life is doomed to be in front of a computer. In other words, my chance of having a back problem is severely high. It’s like a time bomb going tick tack on my life watch. Uncool. That’s why I’ve been trying to improve my posture in any way possible. I do back strengthening sports like yoga and pilates. I make my workspace ergonomic and comfortable.

One problem I had with my laptop is that it’s fairly small that I would have to hunch when it’s on the table. Pain pain pain. Then I decided to get me a notebook riser. However, I would also need an external keyboard and I am very picky on keyboard. The only external keyboard I like is the apple keyboard, which ate all my budget so I end up with this:

Seemed like a good temporary solution, even though the ‘temporary’ had turned into more than a year. And now I kind of want to read the screenwriter book. Fortunately for me, I found a nice notebook riser on sale on Amazon and it arrived yesterday! So here’s how my workspace looked like now… TADA!

Bliss ;).


  1. I have something similar actually, but my IKEA (lol) desk is with an extra “drawer” to place the keyboard in, so it’s lower than the lap is.

    … but I already got the back problems… in 2001 already… *sigh*

    So you’re right in being careful!

    • (doh) why didn’t I think of an extra drawer! Oh yes, it probably because my knees are prone to bumping into things :P.

      Owww, that sucks with your back :(.

      I’m lucky I don’t have problem, I didn’t do so much sport in the past and I don’t have the best natural sitting posture… so I guess now I have to make prevention my best friend :).


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