I am Perfect and I Love It Too

Astrid Paramita
I am perfect for being myself.

When I posted about being imperfect, my husband’s comment was this “It is great, but I think you should also do a blog post about being perfect.”

I cocked my head towards him, dismissing his remarks, simply believing it would not make sense to do that. First, I thought it would be easier than admitting about my own imperfection. Second, it would be quite obvious, wouldn’t it? Especially given that I actually have some narcissistic tendencies.

But then, as I gave it more thoughts, I realized that it’s actually much harder. Much much harder.

Why? Partially because I am afraid that people would think I’m bragging, or even worse, delusional. In my native land, we were thought to be modest. There was a saying we should behave like good rice crops. The more rice you have, the lower you bowed (a.k.a. keep your head down and be humble). Or this proverb: The empty cans sound the loudest. Only the stupid talks loudly and brag about themselves. So in a way it felt like it’s more forbidden to actually say good things about yourself.

Would this actually make you feel like you’re inadequate? I’m starting to feel like that, even though I know l shouldn’t.

Deep inside, I do believe we are all perfect beings. Perfectly perfect in our own imperfections. Every traits we have is a blessing, and every perfection has its imperfections (which made it perfect). So why is it easier to write about your imperfection but I felt like I needed the permission to say things I am perfect in? Shouldn’t be like that, should it?

With that in mind, I took a deep breath, be brave, and share my perfections here. I am owning up to it as a way for me to be thankful for it. I will try not to give excuses for my perfection, just admitting and accepting it as they are. I really hope it will inspire you to admit your own perfection.

  • I am smart. My IQ is somewhat above average (last time when I got it tested). I’m your typical nerd who’d rather solve puzzles, read, or do a math homework rather than playing balls outdoor. PS: my absolute favorite subject in school is math ;).
  • I am creative and I am always overflowing with ideas. When I couldn’t do a project it’s not because I’m running out of ideas, but it’s because I’m already bored with it.
  • I am the sunshine type. I inspire people around me.
  • I am open minded. I tend to accept people as they are (my imperfection is: only if they also except me for who I am).
  • I can eat whatever I want and I have never had a problem with my weight. That being said, I do make an conscious choice to eat healthy things and I am mostly vegetarian.
  • I am healthy and I do sports regularly, between 2 – 4 times a week.
  • I am easily inspired and touched whenever I heard a story about people who went after their dreams. Their stories always make my day.
  • It takes so little to make me smile when I’m down. A promise of cake, a warm hug, a smile, or simply a “you go girl!” encouragement.
  • I have a great taste in food, design, and fashion.
  • I dare to follow my bliss. Be it being a writer, a freelancer, or doing my own projects. Even if sometimes my bliss confused me.
  • I’m a good gamer and could earn myself a high score in sudoku, minesweeper, killing several guards, or a racing game.
  • I am confident in how I look and how I carry myself around people.
  • I am easy going when it comes to making friends.
  • I am adventurous and I would probably try everything at least once, especially if you could provide a good reason for me to do so.
  • When I know what I want, I am always going for it. Yeah, I got rejections and failures too but it’s better than regret!
  • I can drive and park as good as any other people other there. (I think driving skills should not be divided by gender!)
  • I love myself truly and I am awesome like that! I am a believer of you should love yourself first before you could have anyone loves you.
  • I am funny (sometimes) and I am easily amused like a little child (yes, I still laugh out loud at fart jokes)
  • I don’t really grow up at heart. I love being a child, keeping my enthusiasm in life, in learning new things, and could easily forget the pain of yesterday and move on.
  • I could easily see the good in everyone.
  • I have no sleeping problems. (Yes, maybe sometimes, but 99% of the time I’m an easy sleeper).

There’s my list. I promised myself I’m going to make it at least as long as my imperfection list. I hope you will feel perfect too when you do the list! What are your perfections?

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