Görlitzer Park Sketching session

So far this summer we had been blessed with good weather in Berlin. It was a Saturday, and I wanted to do something different. I saw this Meetup, doing a draw and write in the park, so I thought I’ll try that out and join them.

I have started sketching on and off for the past months. One time I designed a book cover, Lenny for Your Thoughts, another time I also dabbled a bit in character design for the Pilot Cat game, Ninja Cat, but I wouldn’t think of me as a character artist… Still, why not?

For those of you who aren’t Berliners, Görlitzer Park is okay-ish community park. You can grill and hang out in the sun. There’s an amphitheater part which are great for mini concerts if you’re a musician. Mostly it’s a good place to meet up with your friends living in Kreuzberg.

Anyways, I came early, and for a warm up, I did this building-scenery sketch on my Moleskine with a pen.



(It wasn’t a character, I know. Except for those people on the grass)

Then Rachel and I started to try to come up with a theme, and we were going for something either “light and shadow” or “petting zoo” or “the letter R”. I picked the R, and I was going for Red Robots Run towards Rabbit

I’m not really a robot enthusiast, so when I tried to draw from memory, I only came up with this blocky one.



I thought being in a park, I could try to come up with something from my surroundings. Rachel showed a game of robot making and you can actually plug really random parts as the robot’s part. So I looked around, saw a bicycle, and start from there.

By this point, I also thought I wanted colors for my drawings and I’m quite used to drawing on my iPad by now. I’m using a Wacom Bamboo stylus, and Paper fifty three software (which is super amazing, btw).



Then a rabbit? Or wait, a reindeer!



Or a Reindeer with Red sweater!



And more of the Robot with Red Rooftop! He’s quite shy though.


Then I realized I haven’t drawn the Rabbit yet, but I was inspired by this strange sign on the park. It looks like an upside down dialogue bubble. Or I thought it looks like a dog’s head. So here it is:



And then I thought of trying out things of how it’ll look like as a cat…



And voila, the Rabbit!



As the day came to an end, I thought I wanted to make something based on a lamp post. Maybe a head, but then what about hands instead! So it’s kind of frog like because of the green and the shape of the mouth. It’s Görli!



I’m happy. It was a great group of people, I made lots of sketches (I usually only do one :D). Such a relaxing day full of creative energy. Wohooo!

If you have a favorite one from those, do let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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