In the Newspaper

Quirky thing happened to me last Monday. I was queuing, chatting away on my phone, trying to ignore the other line that was always seemed to move faster… and there was a reporter from Bildzeitung approached me. She asked a few questions about where I’m from, what I’m queuing for, and she took a picture of me! Later on, she called, asked if I managed the tickets I was queuing for, and then she told me that I will be on Tuesday newspaper. So here is the scanned page:

Edit: translation (roughly): Astrid Mochtarram (30) from Charlottenburg stood in line from 10am. Two hours later she got tickets for “My Name is Khan”.

Okay okay, it’s not that big in the newspaper. But at least the picture didn’t look too bad ;). I wanted to see it first before putting it up in my blog. Just in case I looked like a crazy movie lady :LOL:. Here is how it look from the whole newspaper page:

But at least it’s not everyday I get to share a page with Robbie Williams and Til Schweiger ;).

Queuing For Berlinale

I went to Potsdamer Arkaden this morning, getting tickets for Berlinale. I arrived there a bit less than 10am (when the ticket booth opened) and the queue already looked like this:

Not that long, I know, but there were 4 lines of this length :o. Although, to be honest, I was still quite sure about getting the tickets based on my experience last year. Unless the movie and the time slot picked was extremely popular. By extremely popular I mean every single person in front of me would want to see it.

Two hours later, I got the tickets I want for the day 🙂 Just two movies for now because we could only get tickets 3 days in advance. I also managed to stick to my list and not be tempted with movies with almost sold out tickets. Go me!

I also managed to create a list of movies I’m interested in. You can find it here.

Berlinale Movies I'd Love to See

It was quite a daunting task to go through the list of movies as there are over 300 of them. But I wanted to go through each one of their description, trying to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything I’d love to see.

This year I wanted to see uplifting movies, something that would inspire me or take me to a world of imagination. So it wasn’t very surprising that most of the movies I end up putting on my list were from the Generation section, which was more geared towards younger movie goers.

Here is my list, in no particular order:

  • Knerten (Twigson). From the synopsis: “Strong? Yes. Brave? Yes. A twig? Yes. Ordinary? No! Because twigs like Twigson don’t grow on trees.Twigs like Twigson exists in fantasies and play with you in the woods when you find it hard to be with everyone else.” I’m sold.
  • How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?. I’m somehow always fascinated towards architecture. I love looking at buildings, imagining what was in the mind of the architect when they came up with the idea. Norman Foster designed the dome of Reichstag in Berlin. I would love to know him and his work better.
  • En ganske snill mann (A Somewhat Gentle Man). It’s hard to say exactly why I’d love to see this one. But I guess I like the black comedy, and the contrast of an ex con trying to be a good person.
  • My Name Is Khan. This one has quite a buzz already. I know Shah Rukh Khan (the leading actor) from his Bollywood movies, so I guess I’m interested to see him on the screen playing someone with an Asperger syndrome.

I also wanted to see the short films section since it would be quite hard to see them in cinemas otherwise. Will update this section soon!

Berlinale Film Festival 2010

It’s almost that time of the year again in Berlin. A time for my perfect winter blues remedy. Well, actually second perfect after a trip to somewhere warm, but you get the point. It’s almost time for Berlinale Film Festival.

What is it, you asked? It an annual film festival in Berlin, which happens to be the largest in the world in terms of audience and ticket sold. There will be a selection of around 400 films, running in many movie theaters in Berlin, from 11 – 21 February 2010. Overwhelming? Yes. And such a money drainer too :P… but it’s worth it.

The program for this year is up at Berlinale Programme, where you could also buy the ticket online later on if you want to avoid the queue. There is also a synopsis of each movie and workshop.

Now the crazy task for me is to choose which movie we’d like to see. I was hoping there will be some Indonesian movies since last year there were a couple of them. But unfortunately this year there’s none :(. I would also like to watch some movies in the Competition section, some short films, and hopefully some movies from France and Japan. But above all, I will try to choose uplifting movies. No depressing stuff for me please!

I’ll post my list of movies before the end of the week. If you have any suggestions of movies (movies from your country, your favorite director, actors, or something you’ve already seen, anything) please do let me know in the comments section :). In the mean time, a red carpet picture from last year ;).