Veronika Decides to Die

A book by Paulo Coelho, first published in 1998

Read on: 07 May 2006, just in one seating đŸ˜‰

A wonderful book, I can’t put it down, therefore I read it all in one day. The story evolves around Veronika, a young women who decides to die. Not because she has problems, but because her life was just stagnant she found no reason to be alive…

I found it very much eye opening, made me think about my life, and how lucky I am that I actually do have problems in life. That I’m able to laugh with all my heart, and cry with all my heart. That I’m able to experience life ups and downs, forced to fight back, and in the end, when I looked back, I learned that it is actually a process of creating who I am.

Mistakes, sorrow, heart aches, anger, and pain are not there just because it will make victory and happiness much sweeter, but it is also written in the path of life. It is when you embrace both as a part of life’s path, not avoiding one part, or even shutting down your heart to emotions… we will be at peace, knowing that everything happens for a reason, and God never pushed you more than you can bear..

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