Gearing Up for Script Frenzy :)

Staying true to my writing dream, starting June (that’s in TWO days!!) I’ll be participating in the Script Frenzy script writing challenge. In one month, I’ll be writing for 20.000 words movie script. Exciting!!!

Sure, I have never written a script before and I’m definitely clueless about the techniques and the formatting and all. But surely I know just a tiny bit about it. I mean I watch movies and I have read some scripts so it can’t be that bad (I hope!).

I had known about this challenge quite a while ago, so unlike my previous NaNoWriMo attempt, this time I made some preparations:

  1. Checked out the articles and tips at the Script Frenzy. (They put a lot of great tips J… Thank you)
  2. Quick read a script writing book: The Screenwriter’s Bible by David Trottier.
  3. Install (and learn a tiny bit) Celtx, an open source scriptwriting software that I plan to use on the course of this challenge

On the next days I will log my journey though my first scripting frenzy and share it with you in this blog. Enjoy!

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