The Spark Blogfest: Who Set You Off?

I saw this blogfest a couple of days ago when I was browsing through my fellow campaigners’ blogs. I thought, “What a great idea!” And then I go and do something else forgot about it. Of course. Luckily I saw it again today and I’m so not going to forget it!

I read around other writer’s blog and most of them said they know they wanted to be a writer since forever. Well, I don’t. I went through my childhood going from one dream to another, from being an astronaut to building a underwater train tunnel (with glass walls so you could see fishes in the ocean!). I went to engineering universities, studying Informatics and Digital Media (which I still love doing right now, as a freelancer).

What I always know, however, I love written words. I love to read and I love to write. I just didn’t realize it that *I* could actually be a writer. I thought someone like JK Rowling live somewhere on the untouchable clouds. I thought that in order to be a good writer, you’d have to be English/American/Western. I’m not really a fan any of Indonesian author’s work when I grow up. I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but that’s just how I felt. I didn’t say they were bad, just not really my cup of tea.

So, What book made you realize you were doomed to be a writer? I never felt like I was doomed, actually. (I know it’s sarcasm, but still… it felt wrong to me). It’s a choice of what I’d love to do. For better or worse, right? As a kid I was somewhat associated with the great Astrid Lindgren, although mostly because we shared the same first name, and I love her books. I adore Pippi’s courage, and I secretly hoped I had red hair. My first spin off story was from an adventure/detective series, S.T.O.P. It was translated into Indonesian and I couldn’t find it in English (vaguely remembered it was written by a German author).

Books that made me instantly want to run to my computer and write are… chicklit books. It’s that funny, heart warming, uplifting, and happy mood I have after reading those. It doesn’t mean I wrote chicklits, but it’s a very great mood pickup for me.

But then, the book or author that changed my world view is Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. He showed me that it’s possible to be a successful author, even if you’re not from an English speaking country. It’s possible to make a good living from writing a book. It doesn’t matter if I started late in my life. I know, some of you thought I’m not being realistic by this because most authors are poor, bla bla bla… BUT there’s always a chance in this, and unlike being a fashion model, there’s no expiry date unless I stop trying. I believe in that chance and I know you do too!

Do share your sparks too! If you’re not a writer, share the spark of why you became who you are right now :).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Laura Marcella August 27, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Hello, Astrid! The Alchemist is a terrific novel. I’m one of those people who wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. 🙂 But I wanted to be other things too, such as a teacher, astronaut, marine biologist, Olympic gymnast. Finally I settled on just writing, LoL!

    1. astrid August 29, 2011 at 7:50 pm

      Well, I think the greatest thing of being a writer is you’re able to be all of those through your characters! At least that’s why writing is so appealing to me 🙂

  2. Li @Flash Fiction August 28, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    You are absolutely write about there being no upper age limit – I follow an author/blogger named Ann Best who published her first book at the age of 70ish.
    And I really should read the Alchemist again, i first ead it when I was in college but I think it’s one of those books that you can get more out of with a 2nd or 3rd reading.

  3. Christine September 2, 2011 at 5:57 am

    So glad you could join us in time! I love reading books by authors who have a first language other than english. It gives the book, when translated well, a lovely and strange tone. It feels otherworldly, and things tend to feel less cliché. Sometimes a culture will share in writing tendencies. Foreign authors shake that up! Best of luck in all your writing ventures, and thanks for participating!


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