Character Design

This time I’m not talking about writing a character. I am talking about actually drawing a character, with colors and all that. I am currently doing, for the first time, some customization skins for the characters in our Pilot Cat game *sweats*.

It certainly helped a lot that last week we had a Pictoplasma character exhibition here in Berlin. I could definitely use a lot of inspirations from there. I’m going to show you some of my favorites from this exhibition.

Gemma Correll: I Spy with my Little Eye (

Gemma Correll at Pictoplasma Berlin 2012

I am just a sucker for funny cat themed stuff. Her exhibition was quite simple, just drawings on the wall, but it was also the simplicity, honesty, and cheekiness that draws me to it. My absolute favorite one.

Mark Gmehling: Contemporary Drinsch (

Mark Gmehling at Pictoplasma Berlin 2012

Don’t you just love the burst of candy colors there? His 3D rendering and his characters are amazing.

Post Digital Monsters (

Nina Braun at Pictoplasma Berlin 2012 (

There’s a lot of interesting characters on this exhibition. Nina Braun’s stood out to me because of the different texture at the burst of colors there. Looking at the website of Paris Pictoplasma, I wished I was there instead!

Bee Kingdom: Rise of the Bees (

Bee Kingdom at Pictoplasma Berlin 2012

I think the artist is Ryan Marsh Fairweather ( It was also at last year’s Pictoplasma. I love the texture and the colors of the glass. (It’s made of glass, btw). One day, if one of my works cashed out big, I’m going to get one of Ryan’s art!

MYMO: Little Moon Monsters (

MYMO at Pictoplasma Berlin 2012

This one is special because the characters are made from the waste dumps of Cape Town’s Nyanga township. I love the idea of upcycling art. Granted, not everything could be made beautiful, but finding the beauty in ugly could be a most rewarding thing. I’d also love to see such project in Indonesia, I think it’s great to make people appreciate things other just thrown out.


All in all, I must say I didn’t like this year’s Pictoplasma Berlin as much as last year’s. There were much more things on exhibition last year. I’m hoping next year it would be better!

Now, back to my own work… I’m happy if I’m just half as good as these artists. You’ll see the result when Pilot Cat is finally out!



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