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IMG_5694_FotorOn Tuesday I had a chance to try out Katerschmaus. It was a little out of the blue. A friend of mine made a reservation and when her partner cancelled she asked if I could go with her. As I heard some recommendations of the place and the rumors of a possible close down (and of course having a good time with my friend), I said yes.

Katerholzig itself is the sort of place that’s supposed to embody Berlin. A kind of run down place with a lot of graffitis, sort of smelly of years of cigarettes and whatever things they do there, punkish-rebel kind of feel that reminds you of the freedom of being yourself and expressing who you are while being a poor squatting sort of Berliner.

Unfortunately, the dream vanished as soon as you have to go through a bouncer judging you if you’re good enough to get in. (Note: if you have a reservation at the restaurant, this is not a problem at all).

But then the second dream of being the poor squatting sort will vanish too as soon as you saw the restaurant price.

I already knew this was going to be on the upper part of my price range, but still I was slightly surprised when I saw the mains were between 22€ – 30€ range. Needless to say, my expectations then became really high but I decided to go all out and try things that looks good on the menu.


My friend and I shared an appetizer (Crottin de Chavignol – goat cheese, the most famous kind (says Wikipedia), an in-between dish (Foie Gras and a stuffed fig), a main (home-made sepia-curcuma tagliatelle and perfectly cooked fjordforelle) , and a dessert (Orangenblüte – Eiercreme – Nektarine – Safran).

It was overall nice, neatly prepared dishes. The waitress was nice and friendly (albeit her initial hesitation to serve leistungswasser-tap water, something I would boycott a restaurant for). What I didn’t really expect though, that the portion and the taste balance was slightly underwhelming. I think they do prepare things with the best ingredients, which possibly justify the price, but even the greatest ingredients need a nice way to prepare and balance on the plate. It just didn’t really excite me. I wasn’t necessarily hungry or craving afterwards but neither was I having any sort of foodgasms. It was just okay.

The only thing worth a special mention is the dessert. It’s one of the best dessert plate I’ve had. It has the balance of crunchiness, creamy ice cream, very nice tart and sauce and eiercreme. Absolutely a perfect plate! <3 the dessert chef, thank you!!



Would I recommend it? Taste-wise, there are a lot of better restaurants in Berlin than this. Except for the dessert. Perhaps if you’re used to the price range so you didn’t really except grand things, then you’d have a better experience. They are, after all, located in one of the most interesting spot in Berlin.

Would I go again? Not really. Unless it’s for dessert!

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