Getting My Positive Thoughts Back

I was feeling a little under the weather this morning. No biggies, just some mood swings, but I kind of feel like I need something to get me back to my million dollar day feeling.

Then I somehow thought of googling “Banishing negative energy” because that’s the first thing I thought I should be doing. There are some articles coming up first on the search result, but this one really got my attention

“5 Simple Methods for Banishing Negative People from Your Life” by Aaron Potts

No. I’m not trying to banish anyone from my life. If anything, I feel the closest people around me is the most wonderful and supportive people ever. It’s just interesting because after I read the article, I realized that I’ve been doing some things categorized as being a magnet for negative people. Gaaaah!!

So I’m reemploying my being positive thoughts again in my life. I’m taking what the post said but I’m rephrasing it to positive sentences. It’s because I believe in the “don’t think of an elephant” phrase.

So here goes my interpretation from the article:

  1. If I need to talk about other people, only talk about them in a positive manner. Find something nice to say about them, or shut up. Or think about other things to say: inspirations, projects, food, just make sure it’s nice things.
  2. When something goes wrong in my life, think of a solution on how to get it better. I always have a choice of smiling over frowning. No matter what.
  3. Give people positive spin on their situation, regardless what they are trying to say.
  4. Stay in my positive zone -> actually this sounds creepily zen like to me.
  5. I’m not holier than anyone. We are all human. I made mistakes. Lots of them. This is my path, and I have chosen it. Everyone has their own path.

I hope your day will be filled with positive energy and positive people :).

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