Am I a Chicklit Addict?

I love romantic comedy movies. Especially the ones with the adorable actors like Hugh Grant or Orlando Bloom. It just came naturally to me. Maybe like guys with their action kung-fu movie (at least in Indonesia they are crazy about it).

I used to watch every single one of them. Even dragged my husband as well (poor him). As expected, some of them are good, some of them are really so-so, yet I enjoyed it anyways.

Now the question that haunts me is whether I am a Chicklit addict or not? Can I write other genre? Should I? I want to try it… Write some action comedy – Jacky Chan movie maybe?

I tried with my storyline for Script Frenzy. It started out as an action comedy, but somehow, during the story refining, I turned it back to a chicklit movie. I pitched it to my husband and he said “it’s really a chicklit movie”. Aaarrrghh!!

Well, in the end I decided to stay with this genre. I love it, I believe in the story, and I want to watch the movie. All of the fun reasons are there. More than enough to get me through the frenzy month :).

Yes, I am a Chicklit addict. But my story is more than that.

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