Mood Swings

I understand that just like happiness, sadness is also a part of life. That’s the bigger picture. But in the details, I still can’t seem to manage it affecting my work.

Bad days could happen. As I see it, there are two ways I handle it.

The ideal way is to put my feelings aside and keep working. That being said, didn’t work very well for me, especially when the work requires creativity (as in writing or graphic design). I noticed that in this period of time, my work tends to go to the dark side. My character had depressing moments, my color choice tends to aim towards darker hues.

The other way to handle this is to improve my mood for the day and then come the next day with a stronger spirit. Of course this had down moments too. The next day usually come faster than I think and the deadline now chasing after me with a light speed. Ouch!

In the end, I would just try my best. When I look inside myself honestly, I know when I actually need the break or am I just being lazy. I just have to make sure that I do my best and feel good about it. There are no really right and wrong. There are only choices with consequences.

As my friend Dhany said, “Take a chance, and live with the consequences!”


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