9 Things: Keeping My Spirits Up

Sometimes those non happy days are just inevitable, be it a bad news in the mailbox, dark clouds on the horizon, eternal winter darkness, or simply too much stress combined with PMS. What to do… what to do?

I don’t like to be a self pitying whiny writer. Yes, I know I rant from time to time, and cried out of frustration, but I know it’s bad for my well being. I’m believer in if you put your energy into something, you’ll make it stronger. So it’s definitely better to put the energy into good things and keep my spirits up.

I need this list myself as a reminder of things I could do to pick myself up when I’m feeling down. Not in a particular order since each point has its own magic moments.

1. Exercise

Aerobic exercises increased production of Serotonin, resulting in a better mood. I tried to do some sort of aerobic activity at least twice a week, and then yoga or pilates on the other days. I need yoga and pilates to maintain my back and posture (which suffers from all these years I spent working on computers).

2. Motivational books or blogs

Sometimes all I need is someone else telling me that I’m not the only one who has problems and I can most definitely deal with with it. People had overcame it, so I can too!

3. Solitary walks

A nice walk calms me down. It’s the combination of physical activity, fresh air, and having a sense of the world around me. I love how I could just let go and take a random turn. It’s always wonderful when I end up somewhere I’ve never been before. A park, or a part of town I’ve never been to, shoe/clothing stores, art galleries, or make up counters ;). Yes, I admit I’m a shopaholic. Also I’m lucky I live in Berlin, which is relatively a safe city to walk around alone.

4. Sit in a cafe or a bench where I can see people passing by

This one is the contrary of a walk. I sit and see everything else in motion. It helps to know that the worlds still turns, people are still laughing, smiling, and things seemed to be… normal out there. No need to put whatever things I have blowing out of proportion.

5. Listen to uplifting music

It could be a song that has cheerful tune, contemplative feel, remind me of a wonderful event, a wonderful feeling (New Shoes- Paulo Nutini) Some songs on my list: Life is Wonderful (Jason Mraz), Un Nuovo Giorno (Andrea Bocelli), Acquarello (Toquinho), Fireworks (Katy Perry)

6. Count my blessings, and feel the gratitude of being who I am.

Be thankful of what I have. Because I sometimes forgot that I actually have a lot. Believe me, even if you’re in the lowest of low, you’ll still have something you’re grateful of. At the very least, being able to breathe and we’re still alive to make something out of ourselves, we still have the second (or third) chance.

7. Sleep

This one is actually my husband’s secret ingredients. Somehow it always worked for him. Perhaps it’s the fatigue that made the body thinks it’s weaker than it’s actually is? But yes, sleep. A nap, a good night sleep would produce the right strength to fight again on the next day :).

8. Eat

No, I don’t mean binge eating. I meant having a good healthy proper meal. A three course meal, or something that reminded you of a good time in your life. A meal that also would provide nutritions for the body.

9. Funny cat pictures

Yes, icanhascheezburger. If all else fails, laugh your heart out 😀

That’s my 9 things. Do you like to do the things I do? Do you have something else in mind? Please do share it in the comments section 🙂

And I’m leaving you with one of my favorite childhood tunes!

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  1. Alison Stevens January 25, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    What a great list, Astrid! I’ll probably refer back to this on my down days. And #1 has an added bonus: exercise also helps the brain process information, so if you’re stuck on, say, a plot point, a little exercise might help you figure it out.

    Happy thoughts coming your way. I’m ready for some sunshine, too.

    1. astrid January 26, 2011 at 7:00 pm

      Thank you! And thank you for the extra points on exercise. There’s just so many benefits we can get from it :). Happy thoughts back at you, Alison. I can’t wait for spring!


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